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Introducing the international office
In order to establish scientific cooperation with universities and research centers abroad and to integrate the university's activities in this regard, the Office of Scientific and International Cooperation of Jahrom University has started its activities in line with the university's goals for scientific development and presence in international arenas. Admission of foreign students is responsible for establishing relations and cooperation with universities and scientific centers at the international level.

You can contact us through the following numbers:

00987154372252 and internal number 119



The set of tasks, powers and activities of managing international scientific cooperation are:

1. Necessary studies to know the situation of universities in other countries in order to develop cooperation programs with them in line with the internationalization policy of the university

2. Taking the necessary measures to attract non-Iranian students and create a transnational Scientific environment

3. Creating the necessary conditions for attracting and following the admission process of international students

4. Pursuing the necessary measures and coordination for concluding international letters with the aim of student exchange

5. Contribute to the promotion of creative education based on international experiences

6. Efforts to make the university more attractive to non-Iranian professors and students

7. Necessary measures to identify the capacities and privileges of the university at the international level

8. Develop policies and aims related to international relations and cooperation and university regions with other universities and international scientific and research centers and introduce the university as much as possible in the international community.

9. Conducting foreign correspondence of universities with universities and scientific centers abroad

10. Receiving guest delegations from foreign universities or international organizations to visit the university, as well as sending delegations to visit and negotiate with partner universities or to participate in meetings of international organizations.

11. Carrying out the necessary measures for the participation of university faculty members in foreign and domestic congresses, conferences and seminars

12. Carrying out matters related to the signing of memoranda of understanding, declarations, educational, research and technology agreements with other countries