Secretary for Faculty Member Employment



Duties of the Executive Board for Faculty Member Recruitment

1. Identifying and determining the needs of recruiting faculty members in the educational and research departments;
2. Issuing public calls for the recruitment of faculty members three times a year in May (bursary award), September and February (contractual and conscription);
3. Making decisions on the regulations of recruiting faculty members, including permanent or temporary contracts, conscription, sabbaticals, missions and transfer of faculty members within the relevant bylaws and regulations;
4. Commenting on the recruitment of the applicants for faculty member position as well as for conscription regarding their scientific potentials and general qualifications; Organizing and holding working groups for the evaluation of scientific and general qualifications in the faculties and in cooperation with the Supreme Leader's Representative Office;
5. Supervising the proper implementation of laws and regulations regarding the recruitment of faculty members;
6. Submitting annual reports, as per case, to the Central Board for Recruitment of Faculty Members of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.