Sport ScienceSport Science

Department of Sports Science:

a)Educational Objective: Improving the quality and quantity of educational services in general physical education as well as in the field of Sports Science in accordance with the curriculum and interaction with other departments -Developing entrepreneurial spirit, creating scientific motivation as well as sports spirit among the students through proper planning and continuous improvement of educational resources and facilities;

b) Research Objective : Promoting the quality and quantity of research activities including the publication of articles and books, doing dissertations and conducting research projects in sports through recognizing the needs of the city and province and emphasizing public, educational, professional and championship sports;

c) Practical purpose : Proposing scientific strategies and solutions in the development of sports clubs and  spaces, creating new sports markets and expanding sports tourism towards economic, social, cultural and health improvement of the province and city of Jahrom - Assisting the creation and expansion of Health Assessment Centers in the university, the city of Jahrom and the south region of Fars province - Offering training, nutritional and managerial counsel and assistance to the sports teams and clubs in the city of Jahrom.