English Language TranslationEnglish Language Translation

Department of English Language Translation

a) Educational Objective: Training specialized translators in various practical fields such as establishing official translation bureaus in the city of Jahrom as well as in the south region of the province - Training competent English teachers in order to teach in language centers of the city of Jahrom, south region of the province and the language centers affiliated to the university.

b) Research Objective: Developing the discipline and proposing theories in the new dimensions of translation as a young, modern and high potential area of knowledge through conducting research.

c) Practical Objective: Contributing to the improvement of international relations in the export and import of agricultural products, conducting extensive product advertising and product packaging, signing international contracts in agriculture, and establishing communication with international experts in the area of agriculture in order to further improve and develop this industry in the city of Jahrom and the south region of Fars province - Developing international tourism in the city of Jahrom and the south region of Fars province through using specialized translators trained at Jahrom University - Assisting the development of international relations for conducting communication and correspondence affairs as well as signing international contracts in different industrial centers including the petrochemical, the Combined Cycle Power plant, the special economic zone, etc. in the city of Jahrom.